American Patio Patriotic Tiki Torch

Are you a proud American? Do you like entertaining in your backyard? Then you know that a raging backyard party does not need light, BUT FIRE! Light up the night with a patriotic tiki torch from American Patio and inspire your party goers to have fun, feel proud and don’t be afraid to show your love for this wonderful country. Celebrate our progress and memorialize our past with a festive 4th of July party decoration. This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave. Play safe and party on.

American Patio
  • American patriot torches make a romantic ambience for patio, porch, poolside or garden
  • Easy to assemble & easy to push into the ground, will survive tough weather conditions
  • Easy to fill, large flame stays lit during intense wind. Heavy duty snuffer, puts flame out in seconds
  • Torch oil not included! Fill with citronella oil or torch oil, works well as an outdoor insect repellent
  • 66 Inches tall, 60 inches once staked in the ground. Removable canister for easy filling and reloading

Filling & Lighting

Removing the canister
  • Remove Canister
  • Removable canister makes refilling so much easier than older models.
Unscrewing the flame guard
  • Unscrew Flame Guard Top
  • Notice the double wick, this will keep the flame lit during intense winds.
Filling with the torch oil
  • Fill with Torch Oil
  • We recommend filling all canisters while they are on a level surface.
Lighting up the tiki torch
  • Light it up!
  • Keep your distance and be sure to keep you torch away from any foliage.

Extinguishing the Flame


Admire your flame

Admire Your Flame

We know how hypnotic these torches are but its important to remember to never leave a torch unattended and to extinguish properly.



Cautiously using the snuffer

Cautiously Use Snuffer

To extinguish, cautiously place the cap completely over the wick and leave until the flame is entirely out.



Extinguishing the torch promptly

Extinguish Torch Promptly

Once the flame is snuffed out, remove the cap long enough to allow the wick to cool. Once it’s cool, replace the cap until the next use.


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